Why I masturbate 80% of the time

“Check out how Joy is performing on that bed”

I have to be 100% honest here. Because most men don’t like to talk openly about masturbation. But I can’t emphasise more how important this topic is. We all love to talk to their friends about their last fucking experience. However hardly anyone talks about his last masturbation act.

Please understand me correctly. Talk to your friends about whatever you like, only consider that you might not know the full picture about masturbation. As I have a very open relationship with most of my friends I can tell you the following: Even many of them live in Pattaya, a place where you can easily find women to fuck, they still masturbate. How can this be?

Don’t we only jerk off as an act of emergency? In those rare situation where there is no pussy waiting for us. The clear answer to this question is NO! Even if men are surrounded by plenty of beautiful women, they love to jerk off. Out of my friends, some jerk more and some jerk less. But they all jerk off. How often does first of all depend on the person as some men get more attracted by masturbation and others less.

When I take myself for example, I love masturbation. So I spend most of the time jerking off. My estimation is that I use 80% of my time to jerk off and only 20% of my time to fuck. This is most likely the result of one of my fetish – voyeurism. I simply love to watch sex. Most men are voyeuristic and so most men love to watch porn. From watching porn it is only a small step to masturbation as it goes so to say 🙂 hand in hand.

However, out of my very special friends I am an extreme voyeur. So comparing with my friends I am most attracted by visual stimulation. For me this is not embarrassing at all. It is a gift. By only watching sex I have sex. What I mean is that I my body and mind is creating sexual energy only when I see sex. I don’t even need to walk my wiener. As soon my eyes focus on sex, my mind creates sexual energy.


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