Sick Bastard: His true face

Beer is brought to a hotel room and fucked. See her pictures here.”

I immediately understood. This picture and the ones that followed should show his power over my girl friend. Those pictures were made for me and the guests of my bar to show us that he is in charge.

The images were humiliating and insulting. I liked them and I have to admit that I started to admire Sick Bastard for his sexual strength. I also knew that the guest of our bar would love those pictures too. He had a unique and powerful style. Even Vanta looked tiered she stayed cool and simply followed his requests. She was professionally enough to handle him.

Both men exchange and now Daniel was appearing on the images. He was standing in front of Vanta, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. On one image he was wearing his white underwear, then the underwear was pulled down and his erected penis pointed toward my girlfriend. Then she sucks him and as he was coming inside her mouth she spits his cum with a lot of saliva out.

On the pictures a huge load of white slimy liquid came out of her mouth and landed on her body. Now Sick Bastard appeared on the images and now he got sucked until his load appeared with a lot of salvia from Vanta’s mouth. On the last images they proudly showed how her beautiful brown body was full of white cum. Nevertheless her face was smiling again. She looked happy and and a bit proud presenting herself with both men’s juice. She could please them and both men were happy with her. That was what she was up to, I thought to myself. She likes or maybe even needs the confirmation of men being sexually fulfilled by her. I guess she feels adored and maybe even a bit loved in this way.

I guess it is lake a game. For men like Daniel and Sick Bastard are respected figures. They are experienced and wealthy men and this is respected by my girlfriend. To be able to satisfy them sexually and earn money on that makes her strong. Like every supplier who is successfully satisfying his customers need. I a similar way knows that both men will need sex in the future and she would be happy to sell it to them.

The pictures Sick Bastard and Daniel made with Vanta were great. Even he is called “sick” he fits perfectly to our bar. Or maybe because he is sick, he fit perfectly to our bar?


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