Virtual Vanta

Erick created  Virtual Vanta because he missed her too much. He is a good friend of us who visits Pattaya frequently. Normally sex tourists like him, use to change women when they are in Pattaya. So they have sex with my wife maybe once or twice. But then they change to another lady. However Erich is different. He is one of the view who only takes Vanta.

Erich has to visit Asia for business and then makes a week stop over in Bangkok to visit us. From the first time he met Vanta he was obsessed with her and only met with her. He fucks her for the entire week. In every hole she got and I know what I am talking about. I mean I saw what he was doing with her as he is recording it with my camera.

Day and night she is severing him in any way he desires. Now he got so obsessed that he created the Virtual Vanta so he can use Vanta from home. As you know my wife is not shy making porn, but she doesn’t like the movies to leave  our apartment nor publish it on the internet. So Erick created her virtually to satisfy his needs while he is away from Pattaya.

He told me that he wants to become her virtual pimp. As William became her real pimp Erick wants to promote her sexual services via the internet. He is planning to create naughty images and videos of her, so her fans can masturbate on my wife. In the future it should be also possible to submit story wishes to him.

I hope Erick will have great success with his idea. Vanta and I wish him all the best. We love him. We hope you will enjoy Virtual Vanta and it will enrich your sexuality. Please let me know any idea about a story or phantasy you have and send me an email to fatmaninasia(at) Please add Erick into the subject, so that I can forward your idea or feedback to him.

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