About Erich

by Erich

Hi my name is Erich. I am a friend of Fat Man and his wife Vanta. I am living in Scandinavia and are travelling frequently to Asia. Especially I like to visit Pattaya and my friends there.

I have family back home and like to have some extra sex. I am looking for things I cannot get at home from my wife. She is somehow too dominant. Well, as marriage goes. But I was also dreaming about a young, beautiful sex slave that fulfils all my dreams. It’s not easy to find such a woman. Not even in Pattaya. I tried many, but most got boring soon.

When I met Fat Man, things changed. I sat down on his couch and had a beer. On the TV fascinating porn movies where shown and I realised that Fat Man’s wife was fucked on the screen. I got so excited and it got better and better. She was not fucked by her husband, but by another guy. Boy did he smash her.

I was totally frozen, like I was having a shock. Then Vanta returned to the couch and sat down next to me. She asked me if I like her movie. I hardly could speak and just quietly admitted it. She let me watch a while. Suddenly I felt her hand on my leg. She slid over my flank and then went down to my penis. I was already rock hard.

She said that this was a blow job bar and her blow job’s were really inexpensive. She pointed to a shield and I realised that she was right. I paid her and she did the rest. It was a wonderful job. She sucked my balls and my wiener. First without a condom, however when I was ready to come she sensed it and continued sucking with a thin condom.

She continued sucking when I was coming and even gave me an extra ball massage. I heard her saying that I should give her everything. I followed her advice and pumped my cum inside the condom. I loved it so much and returned only a view hours later. As soon I felt strength in my dick again, I went back to their room.

Vanta was not there. Only her husband was at their room. He explained me that she will be back soon and that I could have a beer. Sure I liked to have that and I could also watch the porn movies, which were so exciting. However another man was already waiting at the couch. I felt sad about it as I wanted to have that lady for me alone.

The guy was sitting on the couch and was watching with glassy eyes. Fat Man sat next to me and he explained me what was going on here. I was so fascinated about what he told me and forgot how fast time was passing by. Suddenly the door was opened and his wife was back. She smiled at me when she saw that I was already back. But Fat Man pointed to the other guy and asked her to take care of him.

Fat Man and I continued our discussion, but our eyes were pointed towards his wife. The guy on the couch was more than ready for a blow job and we both knew it. They talked to each other, then they touched each other. He paid her and then she kneed down in front of him. He pushed down his trouser and his erected wiener appears. Fat Man and I continued our conversation, while we watched his wife was sucking the other guy.

Since that day I knew that I have found the woman that I liked to turn into my sex slave. I fucked Vanta on that same day and I recorded it as Fat Man explained it to me. When I was horny on the next day, I called Vanta and she came to my room with their camera. Whenever I desired a woman on that vacation, I called her and fucked her.

She was happy to serve me and liked that I was continuing with her. With every session we had, I taught her more about what she needs to do as my sex slave. I was always dreaming about getting my asshole licked by a beautiful woman. Vanta did it. I kneed on the bed like in the doggy position, pushed my ass in the air and Vanta’s lips and tongue took care my asshole.

I fucked her in her mouth, pussy and asshole. However the best part was that I always filmed it. Her husband would edit the material and create a porn movie that I could watch at his bar again. We also made some porn movies where Fat Man was filming. In this way I could see myself. This was such a great idea, as I loved to see putting my dick in his beautiful wife.

With Fat Man as camera man, I could also bondage his wife. She wanted her husband to be there as well, as she felt saver. I didn’t mind. Should he film us how I bondage his wife and then fucked her in any possible way. Especially I liked him to film how his wife is licking my asshole. It felt so good.

Fat Man didn’t care. He even gave me tips how to get pills so that I can have more sex. Of course I followed his advice and bought those pills. Now I could fuck his wife even more often. I fucked her again and again, in any position possible. She sucked me hard when I thought I was out of power. But her blow job skills were that advanced to handle it. After this week my penis was totally numb from the sex we had. Happily I returned home.

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