Sick Bastard: Having fun with Vanta

Khan is ready to serve sex tourist. Check it out!”

They made 85 images. Vanta smoked a cigarette while wearing only her red knicker and red stockings. Sick Bastard was laying naked next to her on our bed. He touched Vanta everywhere while she smoked. Especially his hands took care of her breasts, legs and vagina.

Then  she was posing in different positions and I have to admit that the images they made really looked cool. A young beautiful Asian women with an old and very hairy guy. Vanta was excited as well and she looked as if she enjoyed making these images. She literally laughed on some of the photographs where she posed alone or next to the old hairy guy.

Then pictures occurred where she massaged his penis and then the pictures showed her sucking him. He took off her red knickers and put a condom on his dick. Then the fucking pictures occurs. On many pictures Sick Bastards face was visible.I guess he was such a guy who even liked being seen on the images. However even he was wired, he really fitted perfectly into our bar just the way he was. They started fucking in the riding position, went to Asian cowgirl and the reversed Asian cow girl. Sick Bastard made his orders and Vanta compiled them.

He looked very happy and fulfilled on the pictures. He fucked her  doggy style and missionary. Now Vanta looked increasingly exhausted. Pleasing Sick Bastard seemed to be challenging her. Again and again he changed position and pressed his wiener inside her. Now there was no smile or laughing on her face anymore, instead she looked like having no impression at all. Like a robot who just followed orders. They made pictures where he was fucking her doggy style. An image occurred where he was standing behind her in a doggy style position, but instead of fucking her he’s waved with his hands towards the camera while his penis was still deeply inside Vanta.

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