Pattaya Road

by Erick

One night I felt lonely and call Vanta. However Fat Man picked up the phone and explained me that his wife is not at home. I should try it downstairs, in front of the hotel. She is probably their waiting for costumers.

So I went downstairs and looked for his Vanta. I quickly found Vanta as she was really standing in front of the hotel. She was looking like a street whore and I felt attracted to her. I talked to her and she explained me that at this time many hotel guests return from the bars and some may still want more. So she is waiting here to be seen by retuning hotel guest. How convenient is that. So you can directly go to their rooms with them. Vanta just looked at me and smiled.

Suddenly I had an serious thought. But how about men who don’t live at our hotel? I asked her. She again smiled and said, that maybe their hotel is close by. She kept on smiling and pointed to a dark side road next to our hotel. I shook my head and asked her what she means. Her teeth were shining whitely so huge got her smile. Then she explained that there was a dark corner behind the corner.

I wanted to know more and so we went to the place. It was really behind the corner and hidden in the dark. I gave her some money and smiled again. Then her reached inside my trousers to reach for my dick. I got hard fast. The entire situation was very stimulating. I looked upwards to see the stars when she pulled down my trousers. It was a clear night with only few clouds. She kneed down in front of me and I felt her wet lips at my wiener.

It was wonderful. Later she stood up again and bend over to the wall, pressing her bum into my direction. I was feeling for her pussy with my fingers. She was already wet. I pushed my penis inside her and fucked her. At the beginning we were quiet, but later we didn’t cared and moaned loudly. Nobody seems to listen. Or, maybe they did, but didn’t mind. After I was coming, Vanta removed my condom and put it into her bag. Very environmental friendly, I thought to my self.

Out of a memory of this experience with Vanta, I created the Virtual Pattaya Street. So we can watch Vanta with her clients doing it on the street. I hope you like and enjoy my stories.

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