William’s snake (4/4)

Please find her picture and video here”

I was standing alone in a very old and very green jungle. I could hear the sound of the jungle. I could even smell the air of the jungle. I looked down to my feet and realised that they were naked. They were standing on a mud-like ground and it also felt like wet mud. I was naked, totally naked. The snake slowly crawled toward me. But she was calm and soft. I felt that there was nothing to worry anymore. I felt like at home and I knew that the snake felt the same.

I  then realised that the snake didn’t do wired movements, when she tried to kill William. Now I understood that this was all her natural style. Not her movements were wired, but the surrounding she was in, was wired. Not the snake was wrong, but the apartment was wrong. The snake reached my naked feet. She crawled around them again and again, until she was fully wrapped around my feet. The snake and I were in total harmony.

The snakes head peacefully rested on her own body and then she closed her eyes. From one moment to the other, the jungle started to disappear. Its smell and sound was gone too. The apartment surrounded me again and my friend William was standing at the balcony. His eyes and mouth were widely open. His shorts were dark, filled with his own urine. He pissed in his pants.

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