William’s snake (3/4)

“Please find her picture and video here”

Thank god William reached the balcony and closed the door behind him. The snake didn’t mind and stroke at him. Her head crashed loudly against the window of the balcony door. She tried everything to somehow pass the glass and reach the balcony and her victim. She didn’t think, she was  followed a program to kill.

It takes a while until she cooled down. However,  then she realised that I was still there and that I was standing in the same room with her. Slowly she crawled toward me. Slowly she came closer. Yet I was frozen. I couldn’t move. As hard I try, I couldn’t. Then I realise why.  I stared in the eyes of the snake. I could even look deeply inside her eyes, but what I saw was not scary at all. It was beautiful. An old jungle full of trees and plants. A very green jungle and suddenly I could also hear the jungle.

I could hear thousand of animals, but I couldn’t see them. I could only see a snake. I tried to turn my eyes away. Tried to pull them out of her deep eyes. But once I tried, I realised that it was already too late. I looked around and there was no apartment anymore. There were no furnitures and there was no William.

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