William’s snake (2/4)

“Please find her picture and video here”

But when William touches the snake at her end, where the vagina of the animal was, all hell broke loose. He didn’t do anything wired. He just shortly touches her. Sure it was not a sliding, it was a clear attempt to take her by the end. It was not so strong yet, that it would be painful for the snake. She really didn’t want to get touched there.

But what happened next ,made me freeze. I was so shocked. The snake’s head was shooting in the air. She just crawled away from William, but within a second her head turned around and her mouth opened. Two large fangs became visible. But the real shocking part was that her mouth, wich opened at 180 degree.

Suddenly I was aware that this was a weapon. A deadly weapon. A deadly weapon, that was shooting toward my friend. My friend stood there as if he would be hypnotised, by what he saw. Additionally a horrifying sound came out of the snake’s mouth. A sound that made it clear, that she will kill. To see this large head shooting through the room looked so wired. I was surprising how easily her body could raise up, so that she could reach William’s head.

We both stood still like frozen and couldn’t move anymore. It was like we were hypnotised. It seems clear to me that the snake will strike William in the face. But in the last second, William turned around and fled. He tried to reach the balcony, but the snake didn’t give up and followed him. She was going to kill him without any hesitation.

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