William’s snake (1/4)

“Please find her picture and video here”

William was broke and was moving to my (Fat Man’s) apartment  He also brought his snake to our apartment. A 4-5 meter long python. Surprisingly the snake didn’t had a name. William just called her snake. I immediately called her “Hannah” after my ex wife in Europe. Before I accepted that William’s snake moves into our apartment he promised me many times that the snake is harmless.

He explained to me that she doesn’t do anything bad as long you feed her well. She likes to eat chicken and it can be a dead chicken. So you don’t even have to feet her live stock. She is very easy to handle. Suddenly William looks deeply into my eyes and says: “But one thing you should never do, touch her vagina.” By explaining this he points to the end of the snake. “Never touch this here”, he says with big scarring eyes.

But I don’t understand and just think he wants to bull shit me. I look to the ceiling, shake my head and just say: “I am not a pervert. Do you think I want to fuck your snake? You are disgusting.” Now William is confused and first he explains that he is serious, but I don’t believe him. William tries to convince me that he is serous, but I don’t mind.

So in a last attempt to convince me, William asks me to go back and wait at the door. He will show me what he means. The snake was very relaxed and harmless. She was slowly crawling to her suitcase to hide there. Nobody would be scared with such a harmless animal. It would be easy to just go there and kill the animal. It was more a worm than a snake.

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