Hard American GIs

“Febe gets showered with love”

As Da hardly spoke english, she just followed the orders of the soldiers. They liked it as they normally used to follow orders as well. But on their vacation they were the kings and they used this time as they didn’t know if this would be the last time they ever could party.

Most men just wanted to party and enjoy their live while they were in Pattaya. They drunk a lot, smoked weed and just wanted a pussy to bring home to fuck.

Others however saw themselves as masters and used Da more like a prisoner of war. A cheap Asian bitch that they shared with their friends and who they could use to stimulate their dark phantasies. Those guys also did gang banged with her to strengthen their loyalty among themselves. They treated her as their property that they could easily buy.

As long they paid her, Da didn’t mind. Even if they bandaged her hands together so they could gang bang here all the night, while they were drinking, smoking and parting. Da was a sexually strong woman who could handle a group of men and she liked that role play, as in such nights she made much more money than usually.

There was always excitement in such games as those men were real killers and went through a lot of shit themselves. They were hard and so was Da. Such events always had an organiser. Some Thai men who approached GIs to sell women to them, told them that they know girls who do a group of men or any kind sex party they would wish. Some soldiers were looking for a girl to party together. As Da soon developed a reputation  that she just follows orders, she sometimes was approached for such special event.

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