This is the end (3/4)

“Please find her picture and video here”

Suddenly the hell broke loose. A loud scream appeared and the entire scene froze to be shaken by that scream. Once that scream ended, everybody stood still – nothing moved. But I could here my name. Somebody screamed my name. It was the same voice that screamed before and that was responsible that the whole world stood still.

“Fat Man” shouted the voice. I heard my name and knew who it was. I knew that voice and it shocked me. The voice was full of pain and sounded extremely hysteric. Then I saw something moving. Something moved through the crowd of fixated people.

A little, slim and sexy looking Thai girl pushed herself through the people that surrounded me. She fell down on my body, but I couldn’t feel anything. I could only see and watch. “Fat Man,  Fat man  “ I heard my name a couple of times.“ Don’t go away Fat Man”. Fat Man do you hear me?  Are you there? Talk to me. It is me Vanta! Fat Man don’t leave me! It is me Vanta! Fat Man you can’t go away. Fat Man.”

Then the small girl broke down on my fat body and cried. She repeated what she said before. But it was too late. I could hear her, but I couldn’t feel her anymore. Not even her weight on my body. Of course she didn’t weight much, but still I would have easily felt her little bode. Same as I felt her so often. But there was nothing. I guess my body was broken. I had no feeling at all and it was O.K. like that.

I have to go on little Vanta don’t you understand. How could she? She was a young woman and didn’t live half as long as I did. Her life was in front of her and my life was behind me. She continued repeating her words, but there was something more. Everything changed and the people moved again. They were busy with something. I heard Vanta again “Fat Man I love you, Fat Man Mak Mak You, I love you.” Vanta got hysterical again. She was screaming loud that she loved me and everything around me moved in a stressed hysteric way. Did she do that? How could she?

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