Sex against Depression

“Please find her picture and video here”

Rosie’s and Christopher’s relationship heavily suffered during the last weeks. First there was the shock of Rosie’s debt problem that led to her return to the re light district and her work as prostitute. Both events were very shocking to Christopher. He felt that he has lost his wife and was on his own again. While his new freedom was good for him on one side it was not real on the other side. He needed the freedom to recover and start all over again. Due to the changes he was very hurt and he needed a break from the relationship and get some positive thoughts.

Focusing on his new freedom and sleeping with attractive prostitutes gave him release. He could focus on positive activities and at least partly enjoy his life. The alternative would have been that he was hurt and developed negative thoughts, which would have made him bitter or maybe even depressed.

So his trips to Shenzhen at the weekend gave him release on the one side. However they were too little to occupy his thought all day long. I therefore suggested to him and her that he should start masturbating again. This time Rosie had to accept it. I even went one step further and explained that she should encourage him to watch porn. Watching porn and masturbating would make him relax and he could train his genitals.

Rosie herself complaint about his poor sexual performance which sharply decreased since they met. However she also contributed to his performance by denying him watching porn movies. This decreased his sexual activities and he couldn’t train his genitals as good as before the relationship with her started. This is something that happens to many couples. Men watch porn movies and masturbate before the relationship. Once they are in a relationship they stop and think it is not needed anymore or accepted anymore. However hereby they are killing their sex life.

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