Smelly Anal Sex

“Please find her picture and video here”

She accepted her destiny and just did what the men requested. The French banker who bought her anal virginity returned and wanted her to fulfil another one of his dirty fantasies. He pissed on her naked body before she had to blow him and bend over for him to get fucked in the ass again. The bathroom of the hourly hotel and Rosie herself smelled like a toilet, while the french banker pushed his penis inside Rosie’s asshole.

However the guy paid her extremely well for that and after she showered she smelled like a human being again and was ready for her next customer. Business was good for Rosie and her reputation of doing anything helped her to earn a hell of money. Even she had to give the money to her friends she started to feel good about it. Of course she went through a lot of shit for it. But she also felt needed and adored by her clients. At the end this was all about business and she was a business woman again.

Also some of her customers were not too bad. While many times she found the men who fucked her not to be very attractive, she also had customers she enjoyed. Normally the sex itself was not very long and most of the time she just had to close her eyes and wait for her sex partner to finish his penetration with his orgasm. The more exhausting part for her was all the social interaction before the sex. The discussions about the price and those men who just wanted to tell her the dirty thing they want to do with her, without having a true intention to really pay her. Those things cost a lot of energy and exhausted her. She dreamed about the men of her work and the sex she had with them. All this, once again became a part of her.

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