After Rosie’s First Week

“Please find her picture and video here”

After this hard week Rosie’s initial hopes of having a fun week were destroyed. She had to work extremely hard and was able to earn a lot of money. More than the physical pain, especially through the anal sex, she was hurt by the attitude of her friends who treated her like shit. This changed however after the first week as her girl friends were satisfied that she earned a lot of money. Also they had their revenge with her as they felt treated arrogantly by Rosie before. All this happened without Christopher knowing anything about it.

Rosie’s girlfriends started to forgive her after her first week of hard work. Their relationship still was not as it used to be, however at least they acknowledged her effort during the first week and gave her a couple of days off. So from Sunday to Thursday Rosie could stay at home and take care her daughter . Her relationship with her husband was still a mess. He didn’t trust her anymore and he was looking for his sexual satisfaction somewhere else. He went to Shenzhen, the neighbouring city of Hong Kong on the China side, where sex could be bought much cheaper than in Hong Kong.

Christopher didn’t earn the big bucks at his job and so he preferred to go to Shenzhen to buy cheaper women there. He needed distraction from his miserable situation and his deep frustration about his wife. He also enjoyed to be sexually free again and see with other women. He also slept regularly with prostitutes  before he met Rosie and he still remembered the massage pearls and brothels where he got his sex serves. He liked the young and skinny Chinese women he met there and had sex with many of them.

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