Anal Virginity

“Please find her picture and video here”

However this time everything would be different as her girl friend were eager to teach her a lesson and she had to pay them back a lot of money. Her girl friends had a network of mongers who they regularly contacted to meet and have sex with. In order to get the money back from Rosie as soon as possible they contacted those mongers and offered Rosie to them.

They contacted them per email or on Facebook and posted a photograph of Rosie and added “Debt Slut”, then they added her true story, that she was a happily married wive that got into debt problems and had to work as hooker to pay back her debts. Therefore she would do absolutely everything. While Christopher didn’t know about those emails and messages, his wive’s photo and story got viral.

Many men offered their “help” and asked to meet with Rosie. Special wishes were expressed like anal sex, sex in front of the camera or bondage sex. Even her girl friends denied sex in front of the camera, however almost everything else was O.K. for them.

They all wanted to show Rosie that she was the lowest slut of them all. When Rosie told them that she never had anal sex before, they even got more excited and wrote to their mongers that Rosie is still anal virgin and that the man who would make the best offer could get her anal virginity. A rich french banker won the auction and Rosie had to meet him at an hourly hotel. While he was generally nice, Rosie;s first anal sex was a painful experience.

It was not her last anal sex during her first week. After her anal virginity was sold for a higher price, she had to meet with other clients who wanted anal. As the pain from her first anal sex didn’t disappear, but more monger were waiting to have anal sex with her, her girl friends suggested that she takes pain killers. In this way she could continue earning money with no pain. She followed the advice of her girl friends and with the help of the pain killers she could handle more anal sex.

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