Is it annoying if your wife has sex with other men all the time?

“Thai Lady gets filled with cum”

Many men asked me if it isn’t annoying for me that my wife has sex with other men all the time. I have to admit that at the beginning I felt strange about it, because I had an unrealistic view of life. I thought sex is an exception and hardly happens. So I felt that my life was getting strange by watching all the men with Vanta.

As I liked watching other people having sex and this included my girlfriends back then, I still enjoyed it, even it felt odd. Today I know that every men first of all is looking for sex and this is the reality. They might not act like that this in their normal life. But not because it is wrong to always think about sex. No, the crux is that in their normal lives they can’t act normal.

Once they are in our club, then they act normal. So what I see and experience is the normal life. A man visits us, sees a beautiful woman and wants to have sex with her. This is all super natural and therefore normal. Now if he finds out that he can have sex with her by paying a service charge, he will decide if it is worth the price for that or not.

So if your wife is good looking and open for sex, many men want to do it with her. Once you get this the benefits are outstanding. You don’t need to play stupid games with other men and you can simply see them as they are. You can experience a world where you can see the soul of all kind of types of men, from a worker to a CEO, and just regard them as a human being.

Also you can see your wife as what she really is. Young, beautiful and desperately looking for recognition. Why shouldn’t she? If you would be adored by all kind of women wouldn’t you take your chance and enjoy your life? So that is what she is doing. She is taking care her beauty that she can be desired by other men. This is fascinating, exciting and interesting for her. So why shouldn’t she do it.

So my answer is no. It is not annoying for me. And in case I don’t feel to be part of her sex life, which hardly happens, I go out and do something else.

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