Cultural Shock – Why Asian Chicks like to fuck for money (2/2)

“Please find her picture and video here”

In some marriages the husband even didn’t seem to care about it and in some situations everything seemed to be hidden from the husband. I also experienced many cases where wives could be bought for sexual services. What surprised me further more was the fact that some women were not at all interested in sex without financial benefit, even when they were approached by very attractive men.

Having sex seemed to be more accepted if the man pays the woman. Often the women even were offended if sex was offered just for fun, as if this was morally not accepted. It was not ok for women to have fun with sex as then the woman was regarded as horny bitch. But if she was doing it for money it was seen as OK as the woman was getting something in return and often it was added that she was doing it to support her family, which was seen as very positive.

While many women say they work as prostitute to support their family, this also seems to be true in many cases. However it is also often just an excuse. In reality they spend their money on luxury goods or e.g. drugs. So a large variety of different situations and reasons can be found why Asian women sell their body and how often they do it. Some only do it from time to time e.g. when they receive a good offer and others regularly offer themselves. They don’t like to talk about it and try to do it secretly as they expect sanctions from their families. Officially prostitutes are seen as the lowest class of women existing and so no-one wants to be part of it, but as long nobody finds it out, it seems to be O.K.

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