Cultural Shock – Why Asian Chicks like to fuck for money (1/2)

“Please find her picture and video here”

Asia is culturally different than the West and this can be also seen in the way prostitution is seen. While Asia is a huge continent with a variety of different cultures, some of these cultures are very open to prostitution. This can go so far that in some cultures it seems to be possible to buy every woman if the price is right.

Especially Thailand and the Philippines are extreme open and tolerant if it comes to prostitution. This may seem surprisingly as in Thailand prostitution even is forbidden. However it is still widely available throughout the country. Of course this topic is difficult to analyse as no official statistics are available and people don’t tell the truth about this topic.  It can be seen as contradiction that prostitution is forbidden and still available in many Asian countries.

Also in Western countries people don’t talk openly about prostitution or to touch another topic cheating wives. While everyone knows that both things exist, it is hard to get statistics as people don’t talk openly about it. In Asia I could hear an ambitious statement from a couple of men. Friends of mine, who were living in Thailand, told me that they spend a lot of time to seduce women.

Their judgment was that they could have every woman they wanted, if they just paid enough. They said, you have to know how it works and spend some money. Also married women were no problem they confirmed. You might need to pay more for some women and less for other, but you can have them all. While it is hard to fully proof this statements and admitting that there also could be some exceptions, I also found out that many married women could be bought.

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