Rosie’s story (2/2)

“Please find her picture and video here”

She would experience it again and would have a lot of sex the next weeks. I think she underestimated how hard her reentry into the red light district would become. The conditions totally changed compared to her work before. Before she married Christopher she only worked 1-2 days a week  and only could have a few customer. Now she had to work 7 days week and accept every client.

Her girl friends who borrowed her the money made sure that she would pay it back as soon as possible. Similar to Christopher, they also lost their trust in Rosie as they thought they would easily get back their money from Rosie. Additionally I had the impression that they were jealous with Rosie as she had so much luck to find a husband as Christopher. Maybe they also felt treated bad by her as she seemed to treat them more arrogant since she was married.

So her friends wanted to teach her a lesson and treated her as the most filthy slut. She had to accept every client, even those her friends already denied. While Rosie first was looking forward to work in the red light district, she ended up with a bad surprise. I found her positive attitude to work as prostitute again interesting and further questioned it.

Hereby I found out something amazing. Rosie was working as freelancer for a couple off years and until she met Christopher she hardly had a boy friend. So during those years she achieved her full sexual satisfaction only with her clients. She openly attritted to me that she got sexual excited once she entered Wan Chai one of Hong Kong’s red light districts. She was already conditioned in a way that her body expected sex once she was coming closer to the bar area.

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