Rosie’s story (1/2)

“Please find her picture and video here”

Rosie’s story was very different than Christopher’s one. While he was very angry how his wive could borrow and loose so much money, she couldn’t understand why he was so angry. After all it was just money.

She earned money before and would earn money again. She just borrowed the money from her girlfriends and will pay them back. So what is the fuzz all about? OK, she would have to work as prostitute again, but that was only because her husband didn’t wanted to pay for her debts. At the end it was his choice if she would work or not. She worked as hooker before and a part of her even missed working. Yes she also had bad clients, but most of her customer treated her well and adored her beauty.

However there was more Rosie told me. She complained about Christopher’s sex performance. While at the beginning of three partnership they had often great sex, his performance drastically decreased in the last year. He seems not to be interested in having sex with her so often anymore and she complained that he was not as hard as he used to be. Also sex with him was very short and Rosie needed long time stimulation to increase her sexual excitement or even develop an orgasm. With Christopher she didn’t had an orgasm for a long time and at one chat she told me that once she was working as freelancer her clients always were hard on her.

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