The Massage Room for American GIs

Watch this hot Asian chick get fucked while she still wears her underwear 

In order to profit from her daughter’s sex business Da’s mother even prepared a small room next to kitchen with bamboo mattresses. In Thailand such rooms were used to offer massages. The idea was that Da could offer massages to the guests of her mother’s restaurant. Such places already existed in Pattaya and it enabled her mother to cash in more money. As the massages were paid not to the massage girl but to the owner of the massage room.

So Da didn’t got anything from her massages unless she would offer some specials. Which was easy for her. Most soldiers anyway wanted sex and understood the massage scene only as cover up for a brothel. And for those GIs who were too naive or too shy to know, Da just had to ensure that the men get horny during the massage. Most of the time this happened already when a man undressed, as for a massage they only wore a towel.

Additionally her massages had a lot of body contact. So when she started with a back massage she sat down on the back of her client. In order to be able to do this she had undress her skirt. Back then women wore skirts and therefore it had to be removed to sit down on someone’s back. She took off her skirt once the man was laying on his belly and couldn’t watch her. However he immediately realised the change once she sat on his back.

They all understood the erotic side of this massage. Once the back massage was finished the guy had to tern around . He then faced Da and could see her in her panties and once he layd down on his back, he was traped anyway. Da in her underwear just sat down on him – on his towel where his penis was hiding. Normally the guys were hard already and for the rare cases where this was not the case, a few movements with her pussy changed that.

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