Da Starts to Work as Prostitute for the American Soldiers

“Eye likes to suck this guy”

Everything started very naturally. Da followed a soldier to his room in a very quiet way. Like a servant follows his master. There was no big conversation or negotiation. Da anyway hardly spoke english. So she just followed a guy who flirted with her before or who somehow indicated that he liked her and normally the soldier had no objection with that.

Once at his room she undressed and prepared herself for the sex. Back then no condoms where used. The guy simply came in her pussy. He tipped her and Da disappeared. She was very excited about the money and couldn’t believe how much she earned.

So she followed another guy the next night and soon she became a whore for the American soldiers. She couldn’t hide it anymore and people started to talk about her. But she didn’t care about it. She just wanted to make a lot of money to take care about her daughter.

Also her family din’t really mind her new job. As Da was divorced she was anyway not an honourable woman anymore. Especially her mother was blinded by the money the American’s brought and got greedy. She didn’t mind if her daughter caught working as hooker as long she gave some of her money to her family. Da had five brothers and sisters so if one of them did a dirty business to support the others everything was O.K.

Once Da’s family was aware of their daughters sex business she started to stay more often for the whole night at her clients room so she could earn more money. Her mother looked down on her when she came back home in the morning. But only so Da shared some money with her. Once she was paid she didn’t bother about her daughter’s job anymore.

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