American GIs Liked Vanta’s Grandma Da

“Fa is getting so much Cum in her face”

Vanta’s grandma Da started to work as prostitute. She was the first in her family to do that job. Pattaya back then was a very quiet fishing village. Da’s family was poor and survived from the tiny income that her father earned as fisher. Da’s mother run a small restaurant. Not like one of those you see today in Pattaya.

The restaurant was just an extension of the small house the family owned. Her mother just used the family’s kitchen and placed a few small tables in front of the house where she served her guests. As their home was close to the beach they could attract a few peoples, mainly fishers or sailors who came to eat.

The restaurant hardly made money until the first GI’s occurred. Da’s mother knew about the rich and tall American Soldiers who started to come to Pattaya for vacation. The Vietnam War brought them to South East Asia and a few troops were also stationed in Thailand. Other soldiers came to Thailand to rest from the war.

Things slowly started to change in Pattaya. Da’s mother started to sell beer at her restaurant so she could profit from the rich GIs. They liked beer more than her food. But there was something those men liked even more than beer and this was Da.

Da was still in her early 20th, however she was already divorced. She had been married to a Thai man who she hated. Still the marriage took 5 years and one daughter was born during this period. For Da’s family it was a shameful thing that her daughter was divorced. Da had to move back to them with her little daughter and she was treated like a leper.

The Gi’s didn’t care and as Da was serving beer to them they quickly found each other. First Da only disappeared and went home with the American soldiers to their guest houses. She started to like them as they treated her well most of the time and she could earn a lot of money.

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