Sexual Intelligence is killing Sexual Frustration

“Check out what little Zen is wearing under her skirt, before she sucks a big white dick”

I had many guests who arrived at my bar deeply hurt and crippled by the believes they were given in their world. They were scared to death, not to get loved and to be rejected. I showed them that this is all bullshit and it’s bad for them. Learn how to love yourself and fuck some cool pussies. That was my message. After my wife sucked them empty, I or my body William helped them to fulfil their dreams. Most of them wanted to fuck as many different beautiful women as possible. This includes that with modern medicine you can fuck more, longer and harder. Many of them also wanted to do a perverse sex act with my wife. Some liked to bondage her, many liked to insult her and other did a gang bang.

Do you really think Vanta did ever mind to get insulted by these guys. Fucked in the ass, filmed in a threesome or covered in their cum. No she didn’t mind. For her this is like sport for which she gets paid for. She just wanted their money and she knew you were all sick. Not sick because you were perverts, no you were sick from the believes your society taught you. What you needed was to free your mind with a great fuck. Many of you I even had to remind how important it is to jerk off and develop sexual phantasies.

How often did I heard shit from you like “sex is not important” or “sex is love”. What kind of bullshit is that and what kind of morons some of you had been. You came to Pattaya to tell me this shit. Why did you come her? For sight seeing. But instead of honestly telling me, I am here to fuck, you told me a lot of shit.

However it is O.K.. I can understand you as I went through similar shit. I knew why you were here and what you wanted. Release your phantasies and let go of all the frustration you collected. Here in Pattaya you could do what you wanted to do and we showed you how you could get it. It is so important for a man to develop his own sexual intelligence based on his phantasies and his experience. Once you are sexual intelligent you will never be sexually frustrated again!

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