Why Mother nature is a Bitch!

“See Khai in her blue panty, before she sucks and fucks” 

It simply doesn’t matter to mother nature how you get a woman to spread her legs and let you slide into her. She just wants you to do it. That’s your only purpose as a man for her. You have to wake up and understand her message. You might think bad about me because I called the holly mother nature a bitch, but you are wrong. She is a bitch and she is right to be so. Because in the game of surviving on this planet you have to pass on your gens to a new generation. You are not in charge here. Mother nature is playing the music.

And you son of a bitch has to dance to her music. You are nothing. You absolutely don’t matter. You just can dance as good as you can do to her music. Let’s be honest here. Unless you don’t belong to the very few men who own the game as they got extremely rich or good looking, you are fucked. The only thing you can achieve is to impregnate 1 or 2 women in your life and get a few children that carry on your gens. A few men will win this game because of their wealth or their good look. So you can work ten times harder and you still will loose as long you are playing their game.

What you can do against it? Shit on the game! Play your own music and develop your own game. Do you really want to live a life where you screw yourself because of a woman. Because those are the consequences for most men once they get a child. They reduce themselves to an husband and a father who brings money to their family. Please get me right here. I am not saying that this is a bad thing to work for a family. But the point I am making is don’t let your family hinder you on being who you are.

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