Massimo and friend (3/3)

“Please find her picture and video here”

Rosie just put on the slip and looks to Massimo in the living room. He is just smoking a cigarette. Rosie talks to him and shows him that the contact details like facebook page, twitter account and email is printed on the back of the CD. But he is not interested anymore and just waits for his friend to arrive so that they can leave. Rosie guides them to the door and says good bye, like a teenager who just fell in love, she is standing at the door and looks at them.

Then she directly walks to the office and the rest I know without watching it. She was still wearing the slip this morning. I wanked my dick by watching the last events of yesterday night. After saving the recordings in a file named “Massimo and friend”, it is time to remove the guests of last night. I want to clean Rosie’s pussy with my dick and my sperm.

I walk to the office and remove the blanket so Rosie’s naked body appears. She still wears only the slip of last night. I remove it and open her legs.” You whore, I heard you fucking all the night. Now I’ll make you my wife again. From a whore that fucked all night to my wife. My penis will make you his hole again. Rosie is just waking up and quickly replies that I should make her my wife again. By fucking her I still can feel that she is weak.

Weak from alcohol she drunk and the two men she fucked. I fuck her hard as well and her weakness makes me stronger. I keep fucking her missionary. As with the other men, she spreads her legs and I fuck into her pussy. Fuck her hard for a long time. Finally I come into her pussy and I think to myself that we only had sex this morning because she was bitching around last night.

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