Massimo and friend (2/3)

“Please find her picture and video here”

First both men laugh out loudly, but by hearing the final question the room get quiet. Then they talk on Italian. They threw a coin in the air. I think they want to figure out who is first. One man is happily cheering and the other is frustrated. One guy takes Rosie and both go to the bed room. His friend is calling him Massimo and shows him his middle finger.  Once inside the bedroom, Rosie asks him to pay and the normal procedure starts again.

Shower, putting a condom on Massimo’s penis and Rosie gives him a blow job at the bed. Rosie is sitting at the edge of the bed and Massimo is standing in front of the room. Rosie lays back on the bed and spread her legs, waiting till he slides his penis inside her and then they really fuck. Massimo fucks her hard. He is drunken and needs deep penetration.

Rosie just spreads her legs and let it happen. Her moaning is getting louder and I think I hear her having an orgasm once he fucks her doggy style. Rosie is moaning loud and I remember that such a sound woke me up and followed me into my dream last night. Finally she rides him till he comes. She enjoyed it. I see that she didn’t use any pussy cream at the first place. She was wet and wanted it.

Both shower again and Massimo dresses himself. Rosie just wears the slip and goes into the living room to pick up the other Italian. Then the same procedure begins again. Money, shower, condom, no pussy cream , blow job and fucking. Missionary and doggy style. Massimo’s friend is coming sooner and he is not fucking Rosie with the same intensity and passion like Massimo did. So we have a clear winner. Then comes another shower and the second Italian is dressing up again.

Written by Christopher

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