Massimo and friend (1/3)

“Please find her picture and video here”

I go to bed to sleep in the small room which I use as my office. The room was actually planned for kids. But we use it as an office. I use this room to sleep, so Rosie can use our bed room with her clients. After I slept a while, noise from the living room woke me up. It sounded a little bit like there was a small party going on.

I tried to ignore it and fall to sleep again. Then I was woken up by Rosie moaning in our sleeping room. Also the sound of another man was there. Again I tried to ignore it and try to sleep. But this time I could only fall into a soft sleep. In my dream I still could here my wife moaning full of joy to get fucked hard.

I was woken up again by my wife. This time she opened the door to the office and laid next to me into the small bed. We could have moved to the big bed in the sleeping room, but I guess it was messy and used. Holding Rosie in my arms, I smelled alcohol from her mouth. Also her whole body was still warm from the shower and the sex. Her body felt weak and exhausted.

The next morning I watched the events of last night. I took my laptop to the living room and got a coffee. I massage my penis hard and watch Rosie entering the apartment with two guys. She leads them to the couch and gets drinks for them. The same scenario then before happens. They recognise the porn movies and excitingly inspect one by one.

They were drunken and Rosie was drunken too. She looked happy. Like at a party. The two guys were astonished about the porn pictures on the cover of the CDs. Rosie just smiled and says” you can buy them to jerk off at home. Then you still think about me when you are in Italy. They happily pick up 4 CDs and Rosie put them into a bag. Then she sits in the middle of them and asked them a nasty questions:” You only want to buy porn? I am horny and thought you want to fuck me? How you want to go ahead now? You want to fuck me together or one by one?

Written by Christopher

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