3 Reasons Why Men love to have a Whorewife (2/2)

“Brought to you by: Thai Girls Wild”

3. Mental Masochism is when your wife does not  belong to you, but to everyone. It gets even better when your wife belongs to everyone who pays for it or who can afford it. As explained in the video it takes away the boringness of the relationship. The feeling of belonging each other till the end of the life, which concludes in a deep stagnation in a relationship. It opens the relationship to the free world again and you can watch how people really are.

Your so called loyal friends who always said they never would hurt you, are eager to put their dicks in your wife. You can see how much it excites them to hear that your wife is available for them if they just pay her. It excites them to use your wife as a whore and while they fuck her they have to think about you and how good it feels to particular fuck your wife. Think about point number 2. Excitement is so important for sex and fucking particular your wife makes them hard.

It is no coincident that your best friend is often the best pimp of your wife. Because even more exciting then fucking your wife is selling her to his friends. And why do you like all of that? Because you always knew how things really are. That all of your friends wanted to fuck your wife. Not because they are bad friends, but because they are men. Now think about point 1. Men love visual stimulation and if your wife looks great they love to fuck her. It is as simple as that. So instead of fighting those natural forces you are using them for your own stimulation, your wife’s and to enable her to make a lot of money.

So I hope you get the point, while many men would be horrified by the idea their wife works as a whore, some men got very attracted by that.

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