Is my Best Friend the best pimp for my Wife?

“Ai is shot in the ass”

For every cuckold and whorewife sooner or later the day arrives when they have to confess to the husbands best friend that his wife is a whore. Some couple hesitate to tell their friends at the beginning as they want to live out their sexual phantasies secretly.

However one day they have to tell his best friend the truth as it is hard to hide and very convenient to include the best friend into their whore game. But there is another reason why to let your buddy know. Often the best friend, a very good friend or a good colleague are the best pimps for your wife. This was the case with me, Vanta and William and many more of my friends.

Take e.g. Christopher, Rosie and Jonas. Jonas was a very close college to Christopher and after they openly admitted that Rosie was working as hooker again Jonas heavily supported her by bringing many of his friends to her. First he himself visited the couple. It was so convenient for all of them when Jonas came to drink a beer with Christopher, chatted with him and once he desired Rosie they just left to the sleeping room. They showered, fucked, showered and returned to Christopher. When Jonas also brought his friends it became even much better.

Then Rosie was busy the entire evening. While one men was with her, the others continued drinking beer and talking. Your best friend simply is naturally often at your home. As I explained in another article it is normal for men to desire many women and this also includes your wife. So it is very convenient to sell sex to him and for him it is very convenient to get a pussy. He will like to try out his dirty phantasies with your wife.

But by far the greatest advantage you might get is that he can promote your wife to his friends. By far not all mongers like to promote a hooker to their friends as the hooker is just a women they don’t care about and so it simply keeps an transaction between him and her. But with a close friend it is different. He can simply bring friends to friends which a very normal thing to do. Only that you an your wife are special friends as your wife works as hooker. So if you desire her, just disappear for half an hour to the sleeping room and fuck her.

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