After Jimmy, Katy took care Sex Tourists

“Please find her picture and video here”

After Jimmy paid and left we arranged several other meetings with Katy and some of the sex tourists at our hotel. Once Katy was here she was always eager to make as much money as possible. Vanta always kept an overview of room numbers our visitors had. So she kept calling the rooms and checked if someone was at home. Once someone picked up the phone she would tell him that Katy was just here and that she liked to visit the guy.

Vanta was very professional in that and I wondered how much she had picked up from her family who owned a bar before. She always told the guys that the women wanted to meet them and that she wanted to have sex. Actually the women wanted the money, however that would have not worked so well. The guys were not used to get approached by women to have sex, but they highly appreciated not to be the one who have to ask for sex. They enjoyed being demanded even they all knew it was because of the money.

Once the guy also was interested to meet Katy, she told her the room number. Nothing is done for free in this business and Katy had to reward Vanta, however I didn’t got in touch with those things. The financial aspects of the bar were handled by my wife. I also used the time with her when she was at our place and helped her to make a few extra cash. Besides Jimmy and me she had sex with two more guys were my wife arranged the meeting. So little Katy could make quiet some money before she returned back to her husband.

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