Jimmy liked licking Vanta and Katy

“Please find her picture and video here”

It was beautiful to watch and the pictures I made were great. I also felt excited and hot to make them. We could star with letting Kate suck his dick while he was licking Vanta’s tits. Her t-shirt was already pulled upwards. As this went well and as he seemed to have his excitement under control, we made more challenging positions.

Vanta was standing on the couch and pressed her vagina against his face so he could eat her pussy while Katy blow him. Again I asked both bitches to change and take over the others woman’s position. So Vanta blew him while he licked Katie’s pussy. I made great images. It looked so sexy how he pulled up Katie’s skirt and pulled away her underwear to reach her vagina with his tongue. He claimed that he needed a break and I thought that it would be good to continue with more pussy licking.

So I asked both bitches to knee on the couch  doggy style so they should show their ass towards the camera. Both of their skirts Jimmy pushed upwards while their panties were pulled down. I liked seeing both of my lovely girls kneeing on the couch like that. Jimmy could rest while I put the women in position for the next scene and after I was done he kneed behind them on the floor and pressed his face first in Katies and then Vanta’s ass.

Katy moaned loudly once he ate her pussy. She overdid it and we all had to laugh. I thought that we have enough foreplay and asked Jimmy to put on a condom. Both ladies looked so gorgeous kneeing on the couch that he should fuck them now. He did and could last for a while before he stopped for a break. I made nice images of him fucking Katy and then Vanta doggy style. Jimmy asked for another beer and Vanta served him one. All three of them were in a great mood.

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