Jimmy’s Dream

“Please find her picture and video here”

Jimmy, an older American sexpat who was living in Pattaya after he retired, wanted to be recorded with two women. He knew Vanta already quiet well as he was visiting our bar from time to time, watched porn movies and was sucked by Vanta. Later after we knew  him better, he also let me record a blow job with Vanta.

He was always wearing a mask as he din’t wanted to be recognised. Hereby he always picked a black motorbike cap. I started to collect masks so our guests could pick individual masks that they chose and Jimmy was the one with the black motorbike cap.  The cap made him look a bit like a bank robber. After the blow job movie he made another appointment one afternoon to shoot a real porn movie. By then Vanta and I wear already quiet close with him and he started to share his sexual phantasies with us.

His big dream was having sex with several women. Thereby he openly admitted that he tried it before. He tried it with two bar girls but he had issues as he was coming too early. Still it was fun for him, but not as much as he wishes. I explained him that in order to handle two women for a longer time he would need to be able to handle the exchange of a lot of sexual energy which would require a lot of training. However we could start with such a training at our bar and keep on filming it.

He was excited about it and we arranged another meeting were I also invited Katy to come. I started his training by photo shooting him sitting on our couch with Vanta and Katy, who were sitting next to him. One girl to his left and one to his right. I switched of the TV so that no porn was shown as I wanted him to fully focus on the two ladies.

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