3 Reasons Why Men love to have a Whorewife (1/2)

“Threesome with Joy & Pai is fun too”

Hi Friends,

I was just watching the above Youtube Video and I thought it to be really good. As it actually only explains the idea of cuckoldry it can be used to explain the particular interest of being together with a whorewife.

1.There is the visual stimulation. As the video explains, men are deeply into visual stimulation. They just love to see sex. They love their porn collection and the next level is to have life sex in front of their eyes and their wife is just their favourite porn star. It kicks in more than anything else to see getting your wife  fucked by another guy or to listen to her telling her how she was taken by another guy. As a whore has a lot of sex, you can watch a lot of live porn or listen to a lot of fuck stories.

2. Danger or  how I call it excitement. Excitement is the most important substance beside visual stimulation. There is nothing else that makes men so hard than excitement. That’s why prostitution is going well in connection with gambling. The game about their money excites men and this excitement is leading to a great erection with good sex. That’s why a friend of mine in Germany organised a weekly card game where his friends play for money.

His whorewife is bitching on his friends while they play cards. With all the excitement it’s easy to sell sex to them. She is just wearing a hot outfit. Something where you can see al lot of skin. An exciting card game and getting served by a sexy bitchy woman makes the men hard like they have taken 10 Viagra pills. Often they have sex with his wife next to the card game, which again creates more excitement and more hard dicks, which is leading to more sex and so on. They come again and again to those card games as they got addicted of its excitement. However selling sex is exciting generally. You never know who comes next and what does he want. That’s why selling sex is exciting for cuckolds and whorewives.

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