Franky took Vanta out

“Please find her picture and video here”

They must have made breaks during the individual sucking scenes as first he lasted very long and second the couple lost their cloth during the scenes, so I guess they showed as well. Then she put a condom on his penis, climbed on him and rode him. Franky was coming quickly and well before Vanta was really sexually challenged. For her it was an easy job. After I was done with editing I showed the couple their movie and both laughed all the time.

Franky was eager to make more movies. He didn’t want that his face could be seen in a sex scene but he didn’t mind to be filmed with his face otherwise. Vanta and him arranged to go out that night. She brought him to go-go bars and to a discotheque. They made many photos during the evening and finally another porn movie.

The next day I checked if he wanted to continue with Vanta or if he would prefer another women. He went for the second option and I suggested Katy. After watching the porn movie I did with her he happily agreed and so he made his third porn movie with her that afternoon. While we waited for her to come I also showed him movies William made with the convenient shop girl and the two porn angels.

As he was still in Pattaya for three more days he asked me if he could have on each of his remaining days one of those women. He didn’t cared about the sequence but he wanted to make as many porn movies as possible with different hot chicks. I gave this task to William and suggested to arrange the meetings on afternoons as the sun light is better for making movies and as this is Pattaya’s quiet time.

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