Franky was a very open guy

“Please find her picture and video here”

Franky was a Taiwanese American who was fascinated by young and skinny Asian women. He came to Pattaya only for a short vacations and had been to Pattaya already a couple of times before. He was interested in having a short vacation where he would relax and fuck as many beautiful women as he could. He was over 40 lived in Taiwan and had a wife and 2 kids.

Officially he was on a business trip while he was in Pattaya and so he showed up one day at our bar. Vanta must have opened the door for him as I saw him the first time when he was sitting on our couch. A porn movie was running on TV and my wife prepared a beer for him. First I didn’t pay too much attention to him. By then we already had a couple of visitors a day and I could not focused on each of them.

But what was standing out with him, was his openness to talk about sex. He and Vanta talked a lot after she brought him his beer and it was obvious that he was deeply impressed about the movies he saw. He also very openly admitted that he adored Vanta.

He overwhelmed her with compliments and also repeatedly told me how beautiful my wife was. He was very excited by my porn movies and the situation of having just arrived in Pattaya and not having sex for a while. Now expecting to have sex in Pattaya and sitting next to a hot chick that he could see fucking on TV, made him super excited. His excitement electrolysed Vanta who was anyway laughing all the time as he asked her many funny questions and made comments by watching one of her porn movies. He did not bother to start with a blow job at our private bar as most other guests did.

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