My wives dresses – Visual Stimulation (2/2)

“Joy is a good girl. She does everything her Japanese clients wants.”

Doggy Chain: Some clients wanted Vanta to wear a doggy belt. This were returning clients as on the first visit to our bar, normally no role plays were one. The first visit usually was used to get to know each other. Later clients were more open and revealed their phantasies.

I filmed one client how he closed the doggy belt around the throat of my wife. The doggy belt is the symbol of a sex slave and it symboled that whoever was holding the doggy chain was in full control about the person who was wearing the belt around her neck. Many men liked the doggy chain as it helped them to reveal the deepest phantasies. With the belt around her neck the woman became an object that was there to be used.

Often the sex itself was not different with or without the doggy belt. So for my wife it was no big difference. It was more that it helped the man stop hesitating and just ask her to satisfy them in the way they dreamed about. In the example where I filmed the guy who placed the doggy belt around the neck of my wife, he liked to masturbate. First he masturbated watching Vanta how she was standing in front of him. She was wearing a sexy bikini and reveals a lot of skin. He then asked her to sit on the bed and masturbate as well. After he saw her in sever positions and jerked off he asked her to suck him off. That was it.

While she offered that service my wife was different.  The belt was the symbol that she was the slave and the man was the master. He could order what he wanted without hesitation and without feeling bad about it. The more often those clients came, the darker their wishes became. They revealed their darker phantasies and normally my wife fulfilled them.

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