Being cuckold is a gift

“Please find her picture and video here”

So why Michael should be enough for Da. Why Da should be for Michael. He was at my bar, fucking my girlfriend, already before he let Da work at my bar. So he was also not fully fulfilled by her. So maybe life is teaching him now a lesson and makes him feel great by watching me fucking his wife. What I try to say is that even it is difficult to be certain about it, being cuckold is a reaction of life. Maybe even a lesson of life.

Hereby I don’t mean it is a punishment, as being cuckold still lifts my energy level and I am sure it also lifts Michaels energy levels. Both of us can experience much more sex now and we both are happy about it. So it is not a punishment but a way to lift you up: “you put yourself in a lot of shit, but I have a way out of it. My way will even let you experience life in a better way, even it might be a bit odd for you”.

I think Michael and I were shown this way and other men are shown different ways. I am not saying cuckold men are better than other men. Just that we go another way. William for example is great in seducing women. This is an absolute gift. Since he was running out of cash he found amazing ways how to seduce women by paying them.

Something a fat guy like me and an old fart like Michael could’t do. However William is successful in it and this even in Pattaya where everything is done for money. So William is going this way while Michael and I are going another way. Also Michael and I will have to split as we are also not fully the same, even we are cuckolds. Nevertheless the universe of sexuality is a labyrinth with countless ways. Finally we will be alone on a way once we found exactly the things we like best. Once we experience the things that make us feel fulfilled. This is when we know who we truly are.

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