Life Taught me a Lesson

“Please find her picture and video here”

I have sex when they have sex. Not 100% in the same way, but in a very similar way and in a very enjoyable way. Watching them sucking and fucking, or just how the get closer to each other creates an enormous amount of sexual energy within me. This energy makes me feel high and makes me feel happy. It makes me feel alive. I am certain that it was this feeling of being a live and experience life in a joyful way that brought me to this earth.

I was born to experience this feeling. No, please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying I was born to see other guys fuck my woman. No that is not the point. However somehow I lost track in my life and I stopped experiencing the joy of being alive for a very long time. Life is strange and maybe it had to teach me a lesson.  What might that lesson be?

I am not clear about it. Maybe I took other things as too important. Even I liked my job and the business I founded and built up, I was not happy the last years. At the beginning I was, when everything was new, I felt alive. But the recent years I was just reaching targets. I was successful in reaching my targets, but that just meant that my target was not high enough. That didn’t made me feel alive and it also didn’t made my wife feel alive. I am not sure if she ever loved me, but if she did, then I guess she stopped feeling alive as well. Maybe my partner could make her feel that way again by fucking her. Maybe this is why life tried to reach out to me and why I enjoy now other men fucking my woman. There is nothing wrong with love and fucking around.

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