Cuckold through Trauma

“Please find her picture and video here”

I know for most guys it is an absolute desist to imagine that another guy fucks their wife and I can very much understand that way of thinking as I also thought that in the past. I guess it was through the trauma of being cheated by my ex-wife, with my best friend and business partner, that my way of thinking changes in that matter.

I was deeply hurt when I found out about both of them cheating on me behind my back. I couldn’t go on with the relationship with my wife anymore. We divorced, I got out of my company, which I was owning together with my partner –   the guy who fucked my wife.  And I even had to leave my home town and home country.

I fled to Pattaya as I couldn’t face the thoughts I had about my past and I even developed a strong depression. Now I have a girlfriend that I love and I enjoy seeing her giving blow jobs to strangers and watching her being fucked by them as well. How can this be?

The same guy in one location can’t handle it at all and in another situation he is even enjoying it. I am not a psychiatrist so I can’t explain it in a professional way. However for me as the person who experienced all this, it makes perfectly sense. A trauma is something that is developed after a world is collapsing. Again, I am not a professional, nevertheless before I came to Thailand my world was built on the trust I had with my wife and my partner. Experiencing them cheating on me, led to my world collapsing. My believe in human beings being monogamous was destroyed as well. I heavily believe now that most people want to fuck several men or women.

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