Watching Sex is having Sex

“Please find her picture and video here”

Even if there are monogamous people out there, it is very hard to identify them as everyone is pretending to be that way.  However most people aren’t. So before I will go through all that shit I went trough with my divorce and getting out of my business again, I prefer to remain in my present world were everyone fucks everyone. Yes it is the Pattaya world that I adopted which is built on sex, sex and more sex.

Sex that it exchanged for money and comes with a cheap and dirty smell. Nevertheless it is that world that worked out for me and that cured my heavy depressions that I experienced after my divorce. I even go that far to say, that at the end my Pattaya world is coming much more closer to reality, than the dream world most other people are in. I think it is natural to experience sex in a voyeuristic way.

As I realised that afternoon, when I watched Vanta suck another man, knowing that Michael was in our living room watching a porn movie I made with his wife, sex does not start by putting your dick in a mouth or vagina. Sex is starting by seeing a sexy chick. Yes sadly for a fat guy like me this was also were sex ended in the past, but here it is different.

You see a hot woman and you know that you can get laid with her. There are no doubts or worries that make you feel like shit. You can lay down and enjoy how everything will unfold. Thereby you have sex already long before fucking starts and this is pure pleasure. However it is much bigger. I can have sex and experience similar positive feelings, by simply watch other men getting close to Vanta or another woman.

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