My wives dresses – Visual Stimulation (1/2)

“Click here to watch how Ploy’s pussy get eaten”

Slut outfit: My wife knew well how to dress to seduce our guests. Most of the times easy is best, which means that a slutty outfit worked well. With slutty I mean an outfit were it was clear to everyone the my wife was open for sexual activities without saying a word.

On one of the photos she is wearing a white fishnet stocking with a very short school girl skirt. The skirt was so short that the neon green string she was wearing, could be spotted easily. A belly and shoulder free top completed her slut outfit. While our guest was watching our porn images and movies my wife sat on the arm chair and opened her legs to ensure her string could be seen. She waited quietly like this until our visitor started the conversation which ended in a blow job. He simply stood up, went to the arm chair where my wife was sitting, paid her, pulled down his shorts and waited for my wife to blow him.

The Belly Chain: On another Photo Set Vanta was wearing her belly chain dress. This meant that she was only wearing a silver coloured chain around her body. Besides the chain she was fully naked. She would open the door like that and guide the guest inside our studio apartment. He would sit down on the couch and my wife would serve him his drink. While she would go on with her normal activity, our guest would watch our porn movies and enjoy his drink.

In case of the particular photo set I was just talking about Vanta was preparing drinks for our bar in the kitchen area of our studio. The eyes of our guests went from the TV to my wife and back. Later he photographed her naked how she was working in the kitchen. I took over the camera and continued making pictures once he was standing next to Vanta, who was sitting on our small kitchen table. His hands were already playing with her breasts and she was already working on opening his trousers. His penis got jerked and once he was fully hard, my wife climbed down the table and his blow job started.

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