My Favourite Bar Girls: Som

Som is so tiny that I can easily lift her up. I was immediately attracted to her when I saw her sitting at the bar. She just smiled at me and asked me if I would like a beer. How could I have said no? She brought the beer and stood next to me for a while. When I saw us in the mirror I was shocked. Som looked even smaller when she was standing next to me. As you know I am a really fat guy.

Anyway she treaded me very nice and I was lost from the very beginning. I bought her a drink and then my hand discovered her body. Touching her was so exciting. I couldn’t have enough of her. I had to have more. I barfined her.

When we arrived at my hotel I was super hard. The first time I let her suck me under the shower. It was so lovely to clean her body with soap and then lead her down. She kneed in front of me and blew me until I couldn’t hold it anymore. My cum landed on her slim body. The shower quickly removed it again.

The second time we did it on the bed. I could last longer and loved her in any way I wanted. She did it well and when I released my second load I was happily done.

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