William – Prostate Inspection

“Please find her picture and video here”

I didn’t expect that and she went on and excused herself for not having any technical equipment with her, but she could feel the organ which would be of some help. William was already filming the examination from the beginning and had to help her to find some cream that would help her entering my asshole.

He gave her Vanta’s pussy cream and with its help she glided one finger inside my asshole. Again she excused herself that normally she would use gloves and I told her that we would’t have something like that yet, but we could get it. Anyway she didn’t had a problem to do it without gloves and for the camera this was much better.

She robbed against an organ that I was not aware of and I realised that this was my prostate . It was hiding somewhere behind my asshole. She seems to be ok with what she found in my ass and pulled her finger out. After she washed her hands she returned and I asked her to start with the oral examination.

She climbed with me on the bed and sucked me. She was not very skilled in sucking dicks and she did it slowly with very little pleasure. I still liked it as she had a nice face and with 28 years she was still young and beautiful.

I let her play with my penis while I pulled up her doctor dress so her naked back appeared. She still was wearing a white trouser and as I couldn’t move, I asked William to remove the trouser. He did so while Lek laughed and sucked my dick. I thought that she got more nervous now. Also her underwear were boring knickers. After William was done pulling of her trousers I let her move in the 69 position. I thought when I stimulate her vagina then she would get more hot on my penis.

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