William – Our Doctor Gik

“Please find her picture and video here”

She had and it was affordable. So William banged her for a while and I partly financed his sex with her as I was interested to get to know her too. I was not the big seducer and I guess I would have had a hard time with my fat body to get the women open their legs for me.

At least I hesitated with normal women as it seemed too much effort for me. That was William’s job and he was good in it. After he fucked Gik a couple of times and got to know her better he told her about our private bar and checked if she was interested.

It turned out that Lek was at this time not interested in the bar itself very much, however her weak spot was money. She earned very little at the hospital.  At least she dreamed of having much more money. Also she was very easy going, with serving men. She seemed to have no hesitation to serve a variety of men as long she got paid for. I guess it had to do with her job as doctor where she also had to deal with men bodies all the time and thereby had to do a lot of disgusting things.

It seemed that she lost the feeling of disgust and so she was very easy to integrate into the bar. Also her first porn movie with me was just a matter of money. Of course I let her wear her doctor’s dress and I asked her to examen my penis. I thought about it as a joke, however I fully underestimated her medical skills. She seriously checked my by penis, by touching and feeling him with her fingers. Then she went to my balls and peeled them. She asked me if she should check my prostate and I got confused.

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