William – William became a lady killer

“Please find her picture and video here”

William became absolutely professional in turning normal women into prostitutes. However we were of course never sure if the women already were working as freelancer. We knew that many of the freelancers we found at the Beach Promenade or at bars and discotheques had a normal job. So logically at least a part of the so called normal working women were working as part time hookers.

Pattaya itself was simply so sexual. Sex was everywhere and prostitution was absolutely tolerated in this city, even it was officially forbidden. Though there was a law against prostitution in Thailand, which obviously nobody took care of, Pattaya was letting it freely develop and it was seen as very normal that a Thai Lady was selling sex to a foreigner. It was the foundation of Pattaya anyway and so the city had itself a seducing character.

However William still told me that he was not successful with every woman, but he got better and better. Once he treated a wound in the hospital, that he got from a motorbike accident,  he met Gik. She was an Assistant Doctor at the hospital and was on the way to become a real doctor.

She finished her medical studies already and was the mother of two kids. Yet she had a skinny and sexy body and looked great in her doctor dress. She had her kids very early and after she became mother her marriage seem to be boring. Not that she didn’t love her husband, however the magic left their relationship.

At least this was what William found out after he continuously met her. He always visited her during her working time at the hospital and pretended that his wound needed further attention. It became obviously that he wanted more and so they went for lunch where William could ask her more personal questions. There he could start with his seducing technics to find out if Gik had a price for selling sex.

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