William – Suddenly May took control

“Please find her picture and video here”

She had slight difficulties to go down on her knees with her hands handcuffed behind her back. Nevertheless this just added to my excitement and soon I felt her wet lips at my penis. I made sure William got some cool blow job scenes and made several poses for the camera.

May did everything I requested. She looked still exhausted from the fight she had before and now the excitement of making a porn movie seemed to have overwhelmed her. I ordered and she followed. I carried her to my bed and fucked her doggy style. I took care that she din’t lose her thai box short.

However for the missionary position I had to lift one of her legs out of the short. But I left the trouser still on her other leg. But I didn’t like that too much, so for the reversed Asian Cowgirl position I took off her short completely. We also had to take off her handcuffs for that position as she couldn’t stabilise in the reversed Asian Cow girl position.

So we handcuffed her hands in front of her body instead behind her back. Like this she could perform the requested position. Still it was a great scene and I got too excited there. May also was excited. Performing in front of the camera turned her on. Initially I wanted to shoot my cum into her her face. However May didn’t let me do that anymore.

She rode my dick more harder and harder so I couldn’t move lying under her. She wanted to finish me like she was finishing the female thai box fighter. I had no chance she fucked me so hard that I had to moan. I got louder and louder until I orgasmed loudly.

May just kept riding me and I felt how her pussy squeezed my penis. May just didn’t stopped and looked to William and into the cameras. This really turned her on. Then she stopped and stood up.

Lying on the bed I saw her naked legs and ass from behind and I could see William and his cameras through her legs. May raised her hands and even they were handcuffed it was clear what her gesture meant. Like a boxer’s hand was raised by the judge after the fight to show that she had won, she now raised her hand to show that she won against me and that she defeated the beast – Fat Man.

William was delighted to see her like that and congratulated her. He said that this was a good job and something like, that she was his girl. The porn movie and May got very successful. Whenever she had a fight mongers from our bar liked to see her. I absolutely understand why, because it was also for me highly exciting to see May fighting.

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