William – She was interested in Adventures

“Please find her picture and video here”

May was actually not poor. She was coming from a middle class Thai family. Still William turned her into his bitch and paid her for sex. I was immediately excited and wanted to buy her as well. William explained me that she was interested in earning money, however he thought that she would be very much interested in adventures.

He explained that she was looking for challenges that excited her and that he already asked her if she would like to sell sex to men as well. William did a great job in preparing her for working at our bar and the only thing he needed my help for was to make a porn movie with her.

If it comes to money I have simply much more than William and so it was my part to motivate her to be part of one of our porn movies. We went to my apartment right after the fight. May looked very normal in her ordinary cloth. She still was good looking but much less exciting than at the Thai box fight. Vanta was out that night with another client and so we had the living room for ourself. We started to show her porn movies we made with other women and she got excited.

William explained to her that if she would like to work at my bar she would need to do porn as well. He also explained that everything that happened in my apartment would stay there and May was surprisingly open for everything. It seemed that William was right and that she was really interested in the adventure, the excitement, the kick to have done something special. I made her a very good financial offer as I was fully fascinated by her and felt that she would perfectly fit into our bar.

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