William – Thai Box Girl

“Please find her picture and video here”

A woman where I felt the same desire than many of our visitors felt with the convenient shop girl, was May. She was a Thai boxing girl and one day my friend William brought me to one of her fights. She was just 19 years old but was doing Thai boxing since many years. Since she turned 18 she started to do official fights with other girls. She was doing once to twice a week a fight.

The girl I saw May was fighting with was much smaller and looked much more used. I thought that Thai boxing was actually nothing that was really good for the look of a women. May however was good looking. She was taler than her opponent and she had a very strong body. She looked very athletic and even she did boxing her face was beautiful as well. She didn’t had the girly look that Vanta had. She had a fighter body with strong legs and shoulders.

I was shocked when she was beaten up the other girl. Even that was women boxing they were hitting each other with no mercy. May had a very well trained technic and used it to hurt her opponent. She had already swollen eyes that were created by the pink boxing gloves of May. I was a bit scared of May when I saw her fighting that brutally, but on the other side I immediately felt the desire to fuck her. So I recorded the fight and made pictures and movies how she slammed the other girl. I didn’t know if it was possible to fuck her, however there must have been a reason why William brought me here. Once the fight was over he told me that he was working on May since a few weeks and that he already tried his tricks to get in bed with her for cash.

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